Jim Broadbent Named as Ambassador for Dementia UK

Jim Broadbent Named as Ambassador for Dementia UK

16/01/2020 IN Industry News

Jim Broadbent Named as Ambassador for Dementia UK

Many of us know Jim Broadbent from his numerous acting roles including his portrayal of Professor Slughorn, in the Harry Potter movies. Jim also won an Academy Award and a Golden Globe Award for his performance in Iris. He played John Bayley in a film following the relationship of John and novelist Iris Murdoch, throughout their youth and into older age, as Iris gradually yields to Alzheimer’s disease.

Dr. Hilda Hayo, Chief Admiral Nurse and CEO at Dementia UK, said: “With his connection to the cause, his passion and, of course, his stellar acting credentials, Jim is an absolutely wonderful ambassador for Dementia UK. His involvement in the BBC Lifeline Appeal did so much to help raise awawreness of Admiral Nursing across various care settings, including on our Admiral Nurse Dementia Helpline. We know that he will play a huge role in helping Dementia UK in its next chapter.”

Jim said: “I am privileged to have been asked to be an ambassador for Dementia UK. Over the years I have been connected with it I have been more than impressed by the professionalism, commitment and positivity that they bring to those who struggle with the shock and ever changing demands of having to care for a loved one diagnosed with dementia. It is a fine organisation fulfilling a vital role and I look forward to my continuing involvement.”

Admiral Nurses work with people with dementia and their loved ones and families to offer support, guidance and solutions helping them to deal with dementia with less fear and more confidence. Working across a variety of care settings within the community, hospitals, hospices and care homes. Some Admiral Nurses also work on the Dementia UK’s Dementia Helpline, which is the only nurse-led helpline in the country and is available to anyone with questions or concerns around dementia.

Currently, there are not enough Admiral Nurses to support the growing number of people with dementia. Jim’s role as ambassador will not only raise awareness of the condition, but will help Dementia UK to increase the number of Admiral Nurses across the UK.

Other ambassadors for Dementia UK include Lorelei King, Phyllis Logan, and Judy Parfitt.  


Image and original story: https://www.dementiauk.org/jim-broadbent-announced-as-ambassador-for-dementia-uk/


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