Alzheimer's Society and Carers UK included in £22 million life-saving government grant

Alzheimer's Society and Carers UK included in £22 million life-saving government grant

29/05/2020 IN Dementia
Alzheimer's Society and Carers UK included in £22 million life-saving government grant

Story on: - - By: Jill Rennie - - On: 26.05.2020

Health Minister Nadine Dorries announced £22 million in government funding will be given to life-saving charities to help them through the coronavirus pandemic.

This funding will include six million pounds of government funding to go to charities including Alzheimer’s Society and Carers UK to ensure they can meet increased demand as a result of COVID-19, while continuing their day-to-day activities to help those in need.

‘This epidemic has been especially difficult, leading to loneliness’ and ‘anxiety’

Kate Lee, chief executive at Alzheimer’s Society said: “With this grant, we are relieved that the government has acknowledged that people with dementia desperately need more support, as they are bearing the brunt of coronavirus and have been the worst hit in terms of deaths.

“We know that a quarter of all people who have died from the virus were living with dementia and thousands more are in complete distress and confusion at the lack of social contact and loss of routine.

"We also hear daily from carers faced with upsetting calls from loved ones about why they aren’t visiting anymore or struggling to get respite to even look after themselves.

“We are pleased to be recognised as a charity that is leading the charge to provide vital emotional and practical support, but we are facing a potential £45 million loss this financial year, at a time where the need for our frontline services, like our Dementia Connect support line has skyrocketed. This grant couldn’t have come sooner to ensure people affected by dementia don’t have to face the current crisis alone.”

The cash grants from the government is part of Chancellor Rishi Sunak's £750 million package to support the voluntary sector announced in April.

Of that sum, £360 million of this will be directly allocated by government departments to charities providing vital services during the crisis.

Nadine Dorries, minister of state for patient safety, suicide prevention and mental health, said: “Mental health, learning disabilities and autism charities are providing vital support and advice during this public health crisis, working tirelessly alongside NHS and social care services to help people affected in many different ways.

“This epidemic has had huge consequences for us all, but for some it has been especially difficult, leading to loneliness, anxiety and other mental health challenges.

“The funding we are providing today – alongside £5 million already awarded to mental health charities – will help to give these organisations a much-needed boost during this outbreak so that they can keep doing what they do best.”

Other charities receiving the funding include, St John’s Ambulance and Air Ambulances UK will each receive over six million pounds to continue to provide life-saving services.

Over four million pounds will go to supporting the Samaritans, Young Minds, Bipolar UK and others, to continue to support people experiencing mental health challenges throughout the pandemic.

This is on top of the five million already made available to Mind and the Mental Health Consortia.

Ed Argar, minister of state for health said: “Every day, charities perform amazing work for our communities – whether that’s providing air ambulances during accidents and emergencies, or much-needed support and advice to people suffering from illness or just needing help and a friendly ear.

“During this COVID-19 pandemic, these services are more important than ever to many people.

Therefore, I am pleased that today’s funding awards to health and social care charities will help these fantastic organisations to continue with their vital work.”

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