The Amazing Virtual Dementia Tour in the news again.

The Amazing Virtual Dementia Tour in the news again.

13/08/2019 IN Dementia

As part of the channel 4 programme, 'The resteraunt that makes mistakes' Hugh Bonniville who is one of the main characters in Downton Abbey went through the fantastic Virtual Dementia Tour.  The experience is the only medically and scientifically proven method of giving a person with a healthy brain an experience of what Dementia might be like.  Hugh took the Virtual dementia Tour during his support of the TV programme and people with dementia and commented 'Everyone needs to take this experience'.  

The Virtual dementia Tour has been experienced by over 4 million people in 24 different countries and is owned by US company Second Wind Dreams.  PK Beville who invented the Virtual Dementia Tour and is a leading American dementia proffessiors also commented on Preparing 4 CARE "Preparing 4 CARE is a needed product worldwide to improve the standards of care for people with dementia.  The best way of giving a level of control back to the person is to understand their wishes and what they like or dislike while they have the ability to tell us.  Preparing 4 CARE is a watershed moment for the care industry.


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