Bedroom Solutions

Bedroom Solutions

27/09/2019 IN Care Product Info

Electric Profiling Beds

Our range of Invacare high quality electric profiling beds are suitable for your home as well as residential care environments. The range includes standard and low height beds along with bariatric models.

One of the most popular being great value without comprimising quality is the Medley Ergo.

The low height of the Medley Ergo Low Bed is designed to maximise safety. This version also comes with Wooden Side Rails but it is also available without. The height of this Low Profiling bed offers increased security for clients enabling then to sleep with real peace of mind. The Medley Ergo Low sits to the floor, (21 cm in height) which combined with a floor mattress, means that if a fall does take place any harm is reduced. Carers also have the option to raise the bed to a more suitable height, when necessary.

This Medley Ergo Low Bed makes it easier for clients to get in and out of bed, providing more independence and it is dual height adjustable, offering a 21 - 61 cm and a 28 - 68 cm height option.

All the Medley Ergo profiling beds are the perfect balance of budget, functionality and quality requirements. In essence, they offer cost effective patient care.

Medley Ergo

Softform Mattresses

We also supply the excellent Invacare mattress range.

A popular choice is the Invacare Softform Premier. This is a high specification pressure redistributing mattress designed to meet the demands of the Community and Acute healthcare environment. Practical and durable, this mattress delivers exceptional levels of comfort and pressure redistribution. The ‘Strikethrough Resistant Technology®’ cover has been designed to manage the clinical impact in relation to pressure care, infection control with regards to risk of cross infection and financial impact, including time and resource management.

Softform Mattress



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