Dining Made Easy

Dining Made Easy

27/09/2019 IN Care Product Info

Eating aids with intelligent design

The special tableware with hidden features in the design by ORNAMIN has been developed together with people in need of care and occupational therapists and is adjusted to their special needs. The eating and drinking aids support to maintain independence while eating and drinking. They are intuitively usable, not stigmatising, relieve the care staff and increase the quality of life of people concerned.

One of our best sellers is the Keep Warm Range.

The keep warm plates and bowls by ORNAMIN are made of high-quality plastic to enable food to stay warm for longer although the feature is well hidden in the design. The hollow space between the inner and outer walls can be filled easily through holes with hot water. Non-slip grip pads and a non-slip ring under the base enable firm hold. Keep warm plates and bowls encourage independent eating and they are perfectly suitable for the elderly as well as care homes.

keep warm plate

Another innovative design is the Sloped Based Plate

Eating can become a real challenge when one can only use one hand. Hence, the innovative Plate with Sloped Base made out of melamine hides a few special features behind its appealing design: The sloped base that is slanted towards the rim of the plate makes sure that food gets onto a spoon or fork more easily, so eating with only one hand is no problem at all. It works well for mains, as well as soups, but also as an eating aid for children.
Secure stand.
Eating with physical limitations or only one hand and not pushing around the plate in front of you is not that easy. This is where the brake function comes in: Discreetly hidden und the base of the plate is the non-slip ring. Together with the unnoticeable overhang it guarantees that the plate will not slide around.
Three features in one.
Altogether, the Plate with Sloped Base combines three products into one: platefood bumper and non-slip placemat. This makes independent eating possible even when dealing with physical impairments, without the tableware being visually distinguishable from conventional tableware.

slope based plate


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