The Process

Person-Centred Care is at the heart of what we do.

The Process

There are many different emotions an individual may feel should they receive a diagnosis of a life changing illness, condition or disease.  Being told they may one day depend on support from others, whether it be from family, care staff, nurses or doctors is probably one of the hardest things an individual can hear.  The emotional challenges for everyone involved will have a massive impact.  Should an individual require short or long-term future care then it is vital that their voice will always be heard.  Preparing 4 CARE ensures that an individual’s wishes are incorporated into any proposed care and support plan, and will make the transition into the care system that little bit easier.

Preparing 4 CARE is simple to use, not only will you be able to build your Personal Care Profile but will also find useful information about Health Care Providers, associated services and industry news.

What is the process?


You register by clicking on the 'Register & Get Started' button.


You will be asked to provide your first name, last name, e-mail address, post code and date of birth.  You can also invite a family member and/or trusted person to become the executor of your Personal Care Profile.


Once you have selected the 'Create Account' button, an e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address provided.


Once you have received the e-mail (please check spam and junk folders if not received) select the 'Log-In' button and you will be taken back to the Preparing 4 CARE website and you may begin your Personal Care Profile and answer the questions.


You will now be able to select the 'Make My Choices' button and will be directed to the start of the Preparing 4 CARE questions.


You will now see a summary of the Preparing 4 CARE Section.  The Selection section will act as a reference point for your progress whilst building your Personal Care Profile and will highlight any questions yet to be answered.


Select the 'First Section' button at the bottom of the screen you can now select the “First Question “button.


You have now started your Personal Care Profile and can start answering the questions.  The Preparing 4 CARE process take approximately 2 hours to complete, you can leave the website and come back whenever convenient and complete over whatever timescale you need.

These images show you the first 4 stages of the Preparing 4 CARE registration process

Accessing client choices is simple.

Register for Preparing 4 CARE.

Slide 2

Type in your details (please note we do not ask for your year of birth)

The Process

You are sent an e mail and you need to select the 'Log In' button.

The Process

You are now back on Preparing 4 CARE and can start to make your choices.

The Process

We have kept it simple.

Accessibility was a major consideration during the design stage of the Preparing 4 CARE solution. Sentences are written in simple English using colours that make text easier to read by individuals with eye conditions such as Cataracts and Glaucoma. The Personal Care Profile can be completed over several days with the assistance of a trusted person if required.

The Process

Security is important to us.

Preparing 4 CARE is 100% free to everyone. Therefore, we will not ask for any financial information at any point whilst using the service. Read our privacy policy.  

  • Our login is tokenised, meaning a customer puts in their email address and is then sent a login, which expires after a short period. This way, their login’s only accessible to the person that has access to their email account, and unable to be spoofed or accessed by an unauthorised person.
  • Our client database has a secure login and encrypted which meets all GDPR standards.
  • Data processing will be done via an encrypted system that is kept at a secure location.
“What a great way to know that my mum always will have a voice and how she would like to be cared for will always be taken into consideration.”
registered family member.