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Wouldn’t it be nice to sit and speak to the people that you support 5 years ago, before they had a condition or disease that has meant that they need your service?

What would you ask them?

Would it make it simpler to adjust your care provision to suit them if you could just ask them questions?

Would you like your voice to be heard even if you lost the ability or capacity to say how you would like to be cared for?

100% free Preparing 4 CARE now gives you this opportunity and it is desperately needed because of the following statistics:  

  1. In the UK 225,000 people will be diagnosed with a form of dementia 5% up year on year.
  2. In the UK 175,000 people will be diagnosed with a form of Cancer.
  3. 20.8 million people were admitted to hospital in 2018/2019 according to NHS statistics.

These people need a place to tell us about themselves, what they like and how they would like to be cared for.  By answering simple questions such as what they like to eat or drink or maybe the entertainment they prefer we will improve care and outcomes for patients.

Why advertise? 

Care providers are experiencing challenging times, we already know that Health and Social Care is massively underfunded and care providers have the challenge to maintain occupancy levels and ensure that all beds are filled.  Only by doing this can they remain profitable and improve care with future investment.  But how do they stand out in a crowded marketplace and have cost effective marketing solutions?

How do they ensure that advertising is guaranteed to hit the right people at the right time?

We already know that decisions about care are made by the families who may not be local and have no knowledge of the services in their area and Preparing 4 CARE is the bridge between you and your future clients, so how can we ensure we are reaching the right people? 

Preparing 4 CARE is the ONLY website where the people that access the website are in need of your service either now or in the near future and both families and clients are accessing it.  Preparing 4 CARE is also an info-hub for positive stories about the care industry and is building a network of products and services to become a one-stop shop for anyone in need.

We are giving a selected number of organisations in your area the opportunity to advertise your goods or services at marketing costs that cannot be beaten.  By advertising and supporting this needed service, you will have the following benefits:


  1. A banner advert within the questions section that links to your website with 1 click, reaching people that may need care in the future. 
  2. Inclusion in our care services directory, this is a valuable directory for everyone that that visits our website.
  3. You can send through to the site your ‘good news’ stories which will be added to our information library for people to hear more about your services.
  4. Social media exposure, on our many forums including Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook which have massive following.   
  5. Your business referenced within our quarterly Newsletter, which goes to everyone that has completed our free service.
  6. Links from our website to yours and links to our website from your website.
  7. A certificate to display on your premises to show your community you support advanced care planning and Person-Centred Care, to help with CQC inspections.
  8. Recognition that your advertisement is going to support improvements in care that meet NICE Guidelines.
  9. Selected organisations that advertise will be the envy of their competitor services in the area.

Today is your opportunity to really make a difference and have your organisations name linked to the most progressive, forward thinking and industry changing service available and all of this at a price that cannot be matched by any other advertising portal, anywhere in the UK.  

For further information, please e mail via our contact page or telephone: 01376 318326.