• Is Preparing 4 CARE a 100% free service? arrow_down

    Yes, Preparing 4 CARE is 100% free of charge for everybody within the UK, England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.  There are no hidden charges and you will not be asked any questions regarding your medical of financial history.

  • Why Should I Complete a Personal Care Profile? arrow_down

    We do not like to think about needing to go into the care system, however, it is a reality that we may all need short-term or long-term care at some point in our lives.  The challenge is that through injury, illness or disease you may not have the capacity or ability to provide the information needed to build care around you and make your voice heard.  Preparing 4 CARE can make this happen and give Health Care Providers the opportunity to access vital information that will make their care as effective as possible.

  • What if I do not have access to computer or other device? arrow_down

    The great thing about Preparing 4 CARE is that you can ask for support from both family and trusted persons who have access to a computer or tablet device.  Your family and/or trusted persons can help you answer the simple questions and build your Personal Care Profile.  This will also help them to be a part of your future care and really understand what is important to you.  

    If you do not have someone that can help you build your Personal Care Profile or do not have access to a computer or device, please contact us and we will send you a paper versions of the questions through the post to answer and keep and give to your future Health Care Provider.


  • How simple are the questions to answer? arrow_down

    All the questions are written in plain English and are easy to understand. The questions that build your Personal Care Profile are very simple to answer.  Some questions require a simple yes or no answer, some are multiple choice and others need a written response.  

  • Why is the website Black and Yellow? arrow_down

    Research shows that Black and Yellow are the easiest colours for people with various eye conditions such as cataracts or glaucoma to read.  It is also recognised that people who are dyslexic will also find these colours beneficial.

  • What if I have other information that I want future Health Care Providers to know? arrow_down

    If you feel that you would like other questions added to the Personal Care Profile, and provided that they are not about medical or financial aspects of your care, then please write to us via the contact page.

Data Security

  • Do I have to remember yet another password? arrow_down

    The website uses a 'tokenised' system which means that you do not have passwords to remember but can log in multiple times using a log-in request to your personal e-mail address.  This means that only you have access to your Personal Care Profile by requesting a log-in to be sent to your e-mail. Each log-in lasts for 24 hours and after this time you would request another token to be able to log back in. 

    Security is our highest priority and we have worked tirelessly to ensure that you can rest easy knowing that this is one of the safest sites available.

  • Is all the information that I provide 100% safe and secure? arrow_down

    Yes, all the information about you that you provide to build your Personal Care Profile is 100% safe and secure.  From the moment you start your Personal Care Profile to the moment the Health Care Provider accesses the information to build your care package you are protected. We use independent and encrypted servers to store your data and the information can only be accessed by yourself or those you have given authority to. Health Care Providers will only be able to access the information once they have been given authorisation by you,  your family members and/or your trusted person/s and will agree that they only use the data to build your care package.

  • Does Preparing 4 CARE meet all the requirements of GDPR? arrow_down

    Preparing 4 CARE is registered with the ICO (Information Commissioner's Office) which regulates information rights in the public interest and data privacy for individuals. We do not hold identifiable information and do not ask questions about financial or medical matters. Our legal basis for processing this data is your consent. When a Health Care Provider accesses your information with the authority of you,your family members and/or your trusted person/s the information then falls under their own GDPR policy. Information or copies of our GDPR policy can be found in our terms and conditions page.