Daisy First Aid Classes Colchester

Daisy First Aid Classes Colchester

26/11/2019 IN Care Services Database
Baby and Children’s First Aid classes in Colchester

I am a mum to 4 girls with the youngest being 5 years old and the oldest being 21, I also have 2 step children and a boxer dog, needless to say life is busy! I have spent the last 9 years working as a manger with the elderly and decided I would like to raise awareness on the importance  of child safety and preserving life as I have had my fair share of incidents and scares! My aim is to help parents become confident in certain situations that may arise in daily life. 

Our award winning 2 hour baby first aid class for parents is fun and practical

It will give you hands-on training for a variety of situations where time can make all the difference. The class focuses on babies and children with a little bit of adult in there too so your whole family is covered. 

Classes include training for burns, bleeding, fevers, choking, resuscitation, Meningitis, CPR and much more – you can see a list of all topics covered here 


These classes are suitable for parents/grandparents/friends & family 


  • Give you the skills & confidence to act fast in an emergency
  • Babies under 12 months are very welcome
  • Classes in your own home for groups of 4+
  • Evenings & weekends available
  • £25 per person

    Daisy First Aid would love to come to your home to teach baby first aid to you, your family, your NCT group and anyone else that you want to get involved.

  • No scary stories or gory pictures

  • No assessments 

We offer evenings and weekends to be as flexible as possible. If you’d prefer, you can come to one of our local venue classes instead.

 To book or for more information please call 07850490477, email jodie@daisyfirstaid.com or find us on Facebook via my page facebook.com/colchester.

I attended one of Daisy First Aid Colchester venue classes and I found it very friendly and interactive. It was taught in a way that is easy to remember in emergency situations. Thank you Daisy First Aid!

Chenaid Faraway
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