KTM Care - Feering

KTM Care - Feering

20/12/2019 IN Care Services Database

KTM Care Ltd is a care service for all, specialising in autism, providing high quality care to individuals aged 8 years+.  This includes 24-hour support within your own home, respite support, educational support, employment service or a tailored package of support to help you achieve your dreams and aspirations.  We support you with every aspect of your life; from accessing the local community, ensuring you are in receipt of the right benefits, to supporting you to find a new home to live in.  

Children’s Services

Children’s Services provides support for children aged 8 to 17 years either in the family home or out in the community.  Our staff are experienced in working with children and are trained to a very high standard.

The children we support are encouraged to participate in a range of positive activities which are fun and stimulating, as well as being educational.  We pride ourselves on our person-centred approach and ensure that activities are tailored to each individual child’s needs, such as visits to local attractions, outings to the park and shopping.

We work in consultation with the child’s family too, to ensure everyone is satisfied with the support being offered.  We also offer intensive support packages where we can offer support and guidance to the family as a whole.

Adult Services

KTM care Ltd are experienced and trained to work alongside individuals in their own homes as well as in the family home.  We support adults who live alone to maintain their independence and learn life skills, as well as supporting those who live with their families, to access the community and take part in meaningful activities.  2:1 support is also available for those who need extra support to manage in social situations and be able to access the community in a safe way.

We work closely with the service user and their families to build a person-centred care-plan for each individual.

The range of services we offer, include:

  • preparing healthy meals
  • learning to budget money
  • maintaining a healthy living environment
  • learning effective communication skills
  • managing and maintaining personal hygiene
  • support with benefits
  • travel training
  • learning social skills
  • accessing the community

These are just examples of the services offered as KTM Care offer a flexible service, completely tailored to individual needs.   Contact us to find out how we can help you!

Work for Us

We have a variety of support worker positions available; whatever your career aspirations, join our team and help to make a difference to the quality of life for people in your local community.

Media House, 3 Threshelfords Business Park, Inworth Road, Feering, CO5 9SE
Tel: 01376 571152         Email: Info@ktmcare.co.uk


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