SGM Care Ltd

SGM Care Ltd

05/03/2020 IN Care Services Database
About Us

At SGM Care we work with GPs and Primary Care Trusts. SGM Care offers a unique service of support that are of tailored for Home Care visits.
The Aim of SGM Care

We will visit you in your own home to discuss your individual needs and explain how our service can work for you. We will work with you and design an individual care package around your needs. Once you have agreed to the care package you will then be introduced to members of our care team that we feel will best meet your needs. Each carer is selected for their passion and commitment. Their police records are checked, and they are fully trained in all aspects of the role including your individual care needs and safety plus all the pre-arranged tasks you will have identified in your personal care package.

Why Us

01. We provide: A high-quality service that meets the individual's needs. To enable people to remain independent whilst living in their own home.

02. Professionalism: We will take pride in our conduct, protect confidentiality, present a positive impression of ourselves and our organisation, we will present ourselves and our workplaces in the best possible manner.

03. Valuing People: We will show respect to others, we will promote inclusiveness, tolerance and diversity, we will encourage learning and development in ourselves and others. 

04. Excellence: We will be passionately committed to be the best we can be in all that we do, we will pursue this even if no-one is around to see us achieve it. 

05. Ownership: We will take personal responsibility for all our actions and omissions, we will encourage feedback and share in the good and the bad, we will act in the best interests of our organisation.

06. Teamword: We will recognise that we do not act alone, we will work together with all stakeholders to achieve positive outcomes. 

07. Integrity: We will act openly, honestly and deliver what we promise, we will promote loyalty and trust in ourselves and our colleagues. 


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